Useful info

Important dates

Warsaw Build will be held  between 26-29 of November 2020.

The venue

The Fairs are held in the Ptak Warsaw Expo, Al. Katowicka 62, 05-830 Nadarzyn, 114D Wolica*

A hint: enter “ptak warsaw expo” in Google maps

 How can I buy tickets?

Tickets will be available in pre-sales in the Internet and on the spot – at the reception. We recommend to buy tickets on-line. You will avoid wasting time in a long queue on the spot…!

Can I enter the fair with my child?

Access to the fair on business days (26-27/11/2020) is not recommended. However, if you want your child to accompany you during the fair, please buy a child ticket for a given day – Thursday or Friday. Access to the fair for children under the age of 2 is free of charge.

During the weekend, on open days (28-29.11.2020), children up to 12 years old have the opportunity to enter after purchasing a ticket. Access to the fair for children under the age of 2 is free of charge.

How to get to the event?

By car or by shuttle buses linking the centre of Warsaw with Ptak Warsaw Expo.

Are buses free of charge?

Yes, all shuttle buses running from the centre of Warsaw to Ptak Warsaw Expo and back are free of charge.

Is parking lot free of charge?

For comfort of our guests the parking is free of charge.

Are there any refreshments available?

Yes, there will be catering kiosks located all over the venue.

What about a cloakroom? Can I anywhere leave a suitcase?

Yes, there are few cloakrooms arranged and small size suitcases can be safely left there.

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