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Design Forum

Design Forum is a special place for everyone who wants to stay up-to-date with all important issues in the design industry. For four days, experts from both Poland and abroad will share their thoughts about them. To make sure that panel discussions meet a certain level of quality, we cooperate with Michał Mazur, a trendwatcher, who travels the world to learn more about the latest trends. This year, the main subject of the Design Forum during our trade show is “I am”.

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Poland Design Festival

Poland Design Festival is a celebration of good designmostly made here in Poland but everyone from abroad who wants to both showcase and sell their products is welcome too. It is a place where gifted designers and small manufacturers can connect with their customers. All exhibited products at the trade show are beautiful, practical, one of a kind, and cannot be found in malls. Moreover, it is possible to buy them on the spot!

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This year, for the first time we are organizing an exhibition promoting creative product designers – IDEAS selected by Warsaw Home. We invited 24 gifted designers who will have a chance to show their prototypes and products. We believe that they could establish successful cooperation with business clients attending the fair so that their ideas would go into mass production, become recognized and appreciated.


Window panes that generate electricity, doors that are opened by gesture, or screens that are controlled by a smartphone – even science fiction authors did not dream of such solutions. It turns out that these are not visions of the future but the present of the world of windows and doors. Such technologically advanced solutions can be already employed in flats and houses! You will have the opportunity to watch them at the Innovation Exhibition, which will show the world of state-of-the-art joinery to the visitors. For more info click HERE.


The Polish National Carpentry Forum 2019 will be held on October 3 during the Warsaw Build Fair. For more info click HERE.

Polish championship in installing laminate flooring

Championships organized by the Joka brand.

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